This is not the only bunny strip I have done, but if I remember correctly, it’s my first Easter-themed one.  The clip came with the earring, but the t-shirt originally had a big E on it.  I killed the E and put in a radioactive hazard symbol that I copped from a Duke Nukem 3-D poster.  Not that I have ever played the game.  I was just searching some easter egg databases for something brief and self-explanatory, associated with a reasonably current application or game.  Straightforward gag…did not need much work on the particulars.  Though I was tempted to use an egg from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, described thusly:

1.Go to Vice city east and go to the southern most pay’n'spray.

2.Exit it and go to the street south of it.

3.There should be a pink house with two stairs leading to the first floor with two doors. Go through the second door.

In the movie scarface there is a time when Tony Montana’s friend is killed in his bathtub ,with a chainsaw,in Miami. this small apartment has them, plus the resulting blood of this murder.

That’s a funnier one for the strip but too wordy.