OK so I have gotten used to massively altering the art.  Originally there were two butterflies here and I wrote it as a conversation between them.  I decided it would be more compact around the punchline if I didn’t have to deal with the question of why one butterfly was chosen over the other, so I zapped Butterfly #2 and threw in this cricket.

“Butterflies can’t vomit” turns out to have been a mutated factoid lurking in the basement of my memory.  Google turns up the source: one of those dubious email-forward useless-fact lists where half of them are made up.  It’s actually horses that can’t vomit, according to the list, and butterflies that taste with their feet.  This is possibly the same infamous one that falsely claimed “a duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no-one knows why.”  So as far as this being true about butterflies…  No fucking idea, frankly.  I think a butterfly could probably vomit if it had to.