I know I said I was going to lay off the animal clips for a while, but when you need an emergency to bust out of writer’s block, anything goes.

This clip was just called “Penguins,” which I thought was another case of the clip art file being misnamed.  I was sure from the beaks that the top two were puffins.  Puffins and penguins both have a long and distinguished history as subjects of webcomics humor, so either way…  But then I looked at it closely and realized that the other birds (I called them terns but for all I know they’re gulls or boobies or something) could definitely fly, and these “puffins” definitely couldn’t.  Therefore, they are penguins, and the core of this joke came as an added bonus to that realization.

People are going to read the obvious analogy into this one.  I won’t claim I didn’t intend it.  But I am not trying to argue anything by analogy in here.  This doesn’t  prove anything.  I think I was just having fun with a little morality play, in which self-righteous intolerance bounces off the armor of an easy and confident sense of self-worth.

I wish there had been space to develop the terns as characters, though.  Black and white morality plays are not my usual thing.