It’s Thanksgiving, but I opted out of a holiday themed strip this time around.  The clips I had on hand for Thanksgiving were a little too cartoonish…Pilgrims in goofy buckled hats and big-nosed Indians with one feather…that kind of thing.

If you haven’t noticed, there are two kinds of clip art–vector and raster images.  The vector ones tend toward the cartoonish and I had decided ever since Williamsburg Tourists that I wanted to go with the more serious-looking art.  This strip is an exception, being both vector and pretty cartoony. 

One thing I was able to do with this one that I wouldn’t have been able to do (easily) with a raster is change her expression.  In the original clip she was a bit too unconcerned for the lines I had written.  I was able to give her the touch of concern she needed to carry the gag by moving her eyebrows down slightly.