There are a lot of clips available with knights and castle scenes, almost as many as Old West clips.  The problem I always face with these is that a good solid chunk of my sense of humor was formed around Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  It’s very hard to look at a clip like this one and not to envision the French taunter. 

That would only be a minor problem if Holy Grail weren’t so brilliantly written.  I mean, when I start with a clip I am always thinking of cliches and other people’s jokes at first.  It’s part of the writing process to sit with the art and work past the obvious or stolen jokes and into fresh comic territory.  But the problem with the medieval/feudal ones is that Holy Grail churned up a LOT of ground.  They wrote many of those scenes the same way I write these strips, by identifying and mocking the underlying assumptions in a common scene and creating a lot of backstory.  So it’s hard not only to think of something they didn’t do, but also to think of the same kinds of jokes without independently reaching the same punchlines.  It’s hard not to overturn the same assumptions.

Good thing I have the whole movie memorized.  At least I won’t do it accidentally like I have sort of half-done with a Simpsons and a Family Guy.