OK so this is a slight departure into a political joke, but I don’t count it as breaking one of my rules because it isn’t topical.  And it’s a shot at the Libertarians, even though I am largely sympathetic to their general philosophy of limiting governmental intrusion on the rights and privilges of the citizen.  Heck, I even voted Libertarian once, as a protest against my crooked Democrat Congressman and the far-right Nazi Granny the Republicans were running against him.

But since I’m taking a shot, I may as well turn it into a rant.  The Libertarians have it wrong, just like the two major parties do.  There are functions of a society such as education, urban planning, public health, environmental protection, infrastructure, law enforcement, criminal justice, emergency response, and defense,  in which the general good is the overriding concern and the government (as opposed to some profit-driven entity) is the natural entity to fill that role.  Who’s going to build a public library for profit?  Who’s going to build an interstate highway system?  Who will gather intelligence on foreign adversaries?  Who will check the local ponds for invasive fish species or the dead crows for West Nile virus?  Who will inspect the meat in that burger you’re eating?

The Libertarians’ positions are as riddled with inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and impractical ideological crap as the Republicans’ and Democrats’.  There’s no party for me and I think there never will be.  I’ll just have to keep voting for the candidate who most closely matches what I believe in, or (9 times out of 10) keep voting against the candidate who scares me the most.  (And there’s no question who THAT is in this upcoming presidential race.)