First off, apologies for the lame-ass title of this strip.  I already had one called “Couple In Convertible” and the only differentiator between the two is that the woman is behind the wheel in this one.

I can’t help but think of my friend Cate in reference to this one.  She was driving on the way back from Boston (Arisia) in January of 2004, as the snow was falling in sheets.  Suddenly, 3 car-lengths ahead of us, a station wagon tried to exit the highway and spun out, executing two complete 360-degree spins and ending up safely on the shoulder.  Cate, for her part, did exactly the right thing, which was essentially nothing but covering the brake.  As we passed the wagon, the song in the iPod reached the lyric, “Let’s go for a spin!”  Everyone in the car howled with bizarre, semi-hysterical, but supremely satisfying laughter of relief.

Sometimes the Universe gives you the set-up and the punchline, and all you have to do is laugh.