This was going to be a Labor Day strip about the last day of Summer vacation, but everything I wrote came out all Peanuts-y.  Even this is kind of Peanuts-y in its way.  Linus-and-Lucy without Linus getting the upper hand.

One debate I had with this one was whether the boy should say “REALLY?” or “REAWWY?” at the end.  I could see advantages and disadvantages to both, in terms of how it would be read.  When I couldn’t decide which was funnier, I went with what I thought was truer, and this kid is so young he’s almost certainly still having trouble pronouncing things.

My family will probably think I’m projecting myself into this girl character.  In my defense, although I fought with my younger brother a lot growing up, in every single case I can now unequivocally state that he started it.  :Þ