Yes, I did grow up in metropolitan Washington DC and still live in the area.  And yes, this strip is a little bit of a departure.  But there is a gray area around most of my rules that if the joke is universal enough that most people will get it, even if it doesn’t apply to them, then I’ll give it a green light.

To my knowledge, a tractor trailer full of mayonnaise has yet to overturn on the Beltway, but we’ve had many more interesting things spill out and stop traffic there in recent years.  The most infamous was probably a semi full of black powder (gunpowder) that went over at the “Mixing Bowl,” but we’ve also had many more fun ones.  A semi full of pressure-treated lumber went over and VDOT’s response was to send out four chipper-shredders, turn it into mulch (good lumber makes bad mulch), and haul it away.  Saw that one personally.

Another time a truck full of molten tar went over just on the Virginia side of the Wilson Bridge.  Cars came over the bridge, drove through it, and their tires melted right off.  But my all-time favorite was in late 2001 when a truckload of Navy missiles tipped over and fell into the median in Maryland.