Could this title be any more generic?  But what would you call it?  Men in Suits Talking?

I’m not sure if I actually heard someone thank an ATM or if he was just a nutbag talking to himself.  But thinking that’s what I heard led me to write this stretch of dialogue and put it into a strip.

The clothing these guys are wearing is grossly outdated, but that’s clip art for you.  I needed two guys having a conversation and this was the closest art to the script.  Most clip art was drawn in the days when getting photgraphs for publications was a big enough pain that it paid to keep illustrators on staff.

Note I did not say “ATM machine” – pet peeve.  It is not an “automatic teller machine machine.”  Acronym-plus-last-word-of-acronym phrases like “PIN number,” “SAT test” and “HIV virus” drive me apeshit.  My friend Mike pointed out that one of the worst offenders is DSW Shoe Warehouse, which is actually saying “Dallas Shoe Warehouse Shoe Warehouse.”  Feh.