I had actually wanted to do this one as a guest strip at Lore Brand Comics.  I did a mock up of it with cut-paste of the little Lore guy and everything.  I wrote Lore Sjöberg and sent him a link to it, but either he didn’t like it, or didn’t get around to answering, or he doesn’t read that email I sent to.  I just thought this idea would go with the rhythm of his strip.  But oh well, I found a pretty decent clip for it and here it is.

I, of course, am a GenXer.  That makes me old for a webcomics creator.  It’s possible that a majority of people who have a webcomic can’t name the lead singer of The Police.  And most of the ones who do sprite comics can’t tell you the lead singer of Huey Lewis & The News.

I keed, I keed.