I sometimes wonder what defines a civilized society.  I don’t know if it’s really the kinds of things most people think of immediately, like how forward-thinking, technologically modern, or culturally aware it is.  The Third Reich was all of these things, in its way.  They had amazing technology, a thousand year plan, and opera.  Yet there’s no lower pit of civilization in human history.

This line I draw between arts funding and hunting…I think maybe it points in the general direction of the answer, but that the answer lies in both directions at once.  Being appreciative of the cultural values of people other than yourself…recognizing their right to think and act and believe differently from you, would be the solution here.  And I mean both to those who see no value in public funding of the arts, and those who oppose hunting because think they’re morally right to do so.  Both camps are displaying gross intolerance, which is what made the civilized-on-paper Nazis the savages that they really were. 

In my opinion, tolerance and understanding are the marks of civilized society.  So please don’t shoot me for my opinion; it wouldn’t look good stuffed and mounted.