Why I Didn’t Pull the NASA Comic

I decided to run the strip about the kid and the NASA guy on Friday, January 31.  Everybody knows what happened at 9 am the next morning.  It occurred to me that this strip was about to run, and that I should pull it.  It took me about 2 minutes of thinking to decide not to.

That strip is about how extraordinary the aims and achievements of NASA have been, relative to the amount of respect they get from our ignorant and trashy culture.  Whatever NASA’s setbacks have been, they are the agency that carries on the most noble endeavor in history: the human exploration of space.  Another seven have given their lives in that pursuit.  Remember them by picking up a copy of Scientific American from that magazine rack instead of some narcissistic shitrag like Cosmopolitan or some brain-wrecking puke stain like Your True Horoscope.  Our future is in the stars.  The good people at NASA will keep working to get us there.