Assuming that all goes according to plan with the announcement of Get Nifty, the Sluggy Freelance card game I am developing with Pete Abrams, this will be the first PartiallyClips strip that a lot of Sluggites will see.  That makes me kind of uncomfortable, because this one is a lot more tasteless than most of my other strips.  I’ve always known that PartiallyClips appeals to a smaller set of people than Sluggy does, but I’ve also come to realize that there’s not a lot of crossover between Pete’s fans and mine.

I’m not sure why that is.  I wanted to blame it all on the difference in tone; Sluggy Freelance is sincere in ways that PartiallyClips will never be, and PartiallyClips is dark…even perverted…in ways that Sluggy will never be.  But there’s more to it, I think.  Sluggy features certain elements like strong characterization and consistent narrative and, let’s not forget, genuine artistic talent and merit.  PartiallyClips is sort of stamped-out and industrial.  Each strip is encapsulated and every gag swings for the fence.  It’s a series of cannon shots vs. the lively symphony that Pete is conducting.

Still, I am hoping that I will find some regular readers among my fellow Sluggites.  Just keep in mind that this is a different kind of webcomic from most others, and enjoy it for what it is.