PartiallyClips is not my soapbox for political or social commentary. There are strips like Ted Rall’s comics and Fetus-X which do a better job than I ever could of using black humor to carry a message. The scarecrow here is just a comic persona like every other character in every other strip.

However, in some ways he’s almost a caricature of the type of mind which chooses a shock-value platform like Fetus-X to express its viewpoint. The scarecrow is enlightened, angry, helpless, and unable to avoid being confronted by these people who represent the prevailing vain consumerist sensibility. He lashes out with bitter but witty invective, unable to actually do anything. The gag comes when his balloon of moral superiority is popped, and we find out he’s as susceptible to vanity as the people he’s mocking. It raises the possibility that his wounded vanity and sheer envy are the real reasons for his anger.

And as far as I’m concerned, any strip I feel the need to deconstruct like that is a good one.